Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still celebrating Christmas!

We have enjoyed our time off from school with games, activities and small outings (pet stores & ice cream). But.....we have missed having Christmas with my family. Our van is not working right now and Kevin is extremely swamped with orders (this is a good thing) and it would be difficult for him to be away for a couple of days. I have cried and cried about missing my family at Christmas and despite all efforts for us to get together... it just isn't working out.

My mom called last night and said that she was coming over today! Hoorah! Not sure if dad is coming or not....there's that "work thing" that he'd have to work out first. It won't be the same opening presents without him or Uncle Matt and "almost" Aunt Liz, but we'll take what we can get!

So we are cleaning today.... stinky bunny cage, laundry & putting misc. Christmas away.

My mom's birthday is New Year's Day so we have plenty to celebrate..... Christmas, New Years and a Birthday... I think that's a pie, brownies and a cake!

Anyone out there doing anything special for New Year's? Any great resolutions in store for 2009?
May God pour out His greatest blessings on all of you in this new year!

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Beck Family said...

Oh Stace, sorry you were missing your family so much. It is so hard making those decisions. Happy that your Mom gets to come over. I just love the relationship you share with your parents. We have been cleaning and putting stuff away too. Enjoy all your baking and eating the baking. Happy Birthday to your Mom, my Mom's is Sat. 1/3.
Nothing special New Year's Eve but the kids all have friends staying over night New Year's Day. Love you, Chelle.