Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fun in the Snow & Christmas Parties

I wrote this blog on Sat. and am just now getting the pics with it and posting - sorry!

It's snowing here today - about 1-2 inches right now. The kids are using the "kids size" snow shovels that I bought Black Friday shopping and toted home. We have Kane and Gabriel, our nephews, for the weekend so it took a good 30-45 minutes just to get on everyone's boots, gloves, hats and coats - we didn't even do snowpants this time! Abby lasted about 20 minutes, Rachel about 35 minutes, everyone else is still outside as I am writing this. The hot chocolate is ready and waiting.
On Thursday our homeschool group had a Christmas party and we enjoyed hearing Rach's class sing songs(Abby joined in) and Jord's class sing about their body parts. Zach's Cooking class received an apron with their names printed on it - now let's see if I can get him to be Chef Zach here at home! He did offer to chop some veggies for me the other day and he did a great job - who knows?
After the party we went to the Nursing Home across the street and sang Christmas carols and passed out candy canes. All the kids did a great job of singing and talking to the residents. In the van on the way over there Zach and Jord were saying how they remembered going to the Nursing Home last year and how much fun they had - I love seeing the pureness of their heart, by this age most kids would have to be dragged into a Nursing Home to sing for "old people" - but trudging up and down the halls singing "Joy to the World" and "Go Tell it on the Mountain" was a group of homeschooled students who loved every minute of it - they were even giving out hugs and posing for pictures!
After church tomorrow we have a birthday party for Lynne (Kev's mom) at Dave & Busters so that will be a nice treat for everyone. A great way to end the weekend!


Michelle Waters said...

Very cute! That was a fun party. We're just getting over EVERYONE being sick the last 24 hours so we're all about to go to bed and hopefully sleep it off.

Beck Family said...

Sounds like the holidays are in full swing at the Brown house. Glad the kids are enjoying all. The snow was fun. Love ya!Chelle