Friday, December 19, 2008


We are learning to play the drums around here.... with a DVD we picked up at the library. Last night K and I just had to make the kids get off so that we could play a little bit (me the piano & K the drums). No one has practiced the bass yet today, but I'm sure that those strings will be plucked before the end of the night. M & Chelle, we will be ready for "real band fun" whenever we are all together next. I can picture it now, singing & dancing while kids are jamming on the drums, bass, piano, tambourines and maracas! Of course, Gavin will dance! I still remember his moves!!!

Rach and Abby have been in princess dresses all day....Snow White, an angel, Ariel & princess Barbie....these dresses aren't made for the wear and tear that my girls put them through

Jord has BB practice tonight, Zach a birthday party. Tomorrow they have their first game!

I plan on wrapping this weekend and catching up on some chores so that I don't have too much to do next week. We'll see!

I see the Lorow's POD in their driveway.....we are so sad that they are moving.


mhutsell said...

Where are the Lorows going? And I LOL when I think of gavin dancing. He has the funniest little moves. Daddy calls him soul brother. I can only imagine the noise there...and it makes me miss you all so much because my house is SO noisy too and I don't like feeling all alone! Love you all!

Beck Family said...

I can hear it all and in my minds eye I can see it too. All sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to do the same next week. Miss you.
Merry Christmas!!Chelle