Monday, December 15, 2008

A Bunny Bath and Christmas Program

So, we decided to give the bunny a bath - have never done this before, but he seemed to enjoy it. He really does stink, but he is a good bunny! (All the kids kept their undies on for this bath)

We had a Christmas program at church on Sunday and all the kids participated. Zach was the angel Gabriel, delivering the message to Mary about baby Jesus. Jord, Rach and Abby were part of the angel choir that sang "Hark the Herald Angels". Abby also participated in the bell choir , which you can see she started out ringing her bell with such enthusiasm and then quickly became embarrassed, put her hands over her face and eventually laid on the stage face down and cried! (the pics are not in the right order - sorry!)
We are only doing school Monday and Tuesday this week and we will be finished for the year! Yeah! But we have lots of projects that we have to work on before Christmas.
Please pray for my neighbors and dear friends, the Finzers. Their baby was born on Thurs and is now at Children's Hospital here in Columbus. Here's the link to dad's blog so that you can read.

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mhutsell said...

You crack me up! Kids in the bath with the bunny...with their undies. Now, what exactly did the undies do? LOL! This is why I LOVE you. I would NEVER let my kids in the tub with the dirty bunny. But you do...and I love that. SO,if we ever own a bunny and it needs a bath...I just might comsider letting my kids in...with their undies! :D And Abbers with the precious. And precious. Life is like that isn't minute ringing our bells for all its worth and the next covering our faces and crying! Great stories. Love you! I finally blogged! M.