Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, I finally called the dentist and scheduled appointments for everyone. It seems we can only make the appointments yearly, although the dentist office starts sending postcards at 6 months. Just curious - Do most people go every 6 months? yearly? We started going to Just Smiles last year and have had a pleasant visit every time. Last year, I divided the family into 2 visits - this year 3 visits (2 of us each time). Our appointments are every two weeks. This helps to spread the cost out - we have no dental insurance! It's $119/adult & $99 for kids for the cleaning and exam. I thought that was a great price. What do you think?
Anyways, today was Zach and Abby (her 1st time) I knew she would need me with her and Zach wouldn't so they could both go at the same time. We were in and out in about 45 min. with no cavities - well Zach has one in a baby tooth that is about to fall out - Nothing we have to pay for!
So by the time we all go we will have paid $640.
Like any good mom, I took my kids to get Icees at Speedway! Way to keep those teeth clean, shiny & white - right?


Julienne said...

We go every 6 months but I was telling Dave just today when we both got our notices that it seems like we're always going!

Beck Family said...

We go every six months too. I take them once a year to the Sinclair Dental clinic for just a cleaning. It is a dental school. The kids love it there, they are really great with them and it costs just $10 per kid for the cleaning. We then take them once a year to our dentist in Columbus. That is a more costly trip. Anyway, has to be done. Hard to believe Abby is old enough for a teeth cleaning.

mhutsell said...

Yeah girlfriend...we go every six months...but we have dental insurance. When K and I didn't have it...we never went. It is a terrible thing to delay your dental health because of money but that was how it was for us then. Now that we have kids I treat their teeth better than my own! Now that we have insurance though we do go every 6! I hate scheduling all of us for appts. I never take the little guys until they are 4 though so Gage has yet to go. Love you. M