Thursday, September 11, 2008

Homeschool Group and Asthma

Today we had our first homeschool group classes. Zach is taking a Cooking class (they made apple pie today) and a Drama class (they are writing some sorta production). Jordan is in an Art class, which she said she loves and a Human Body class. Rachel is also in a Human Body class with the K's, she learned about "dem bones" today. Abby is hanging out in the Nursery, and she was not having a good time today. I picked her up from the nursery and as we gathering our stuff to go outside for a picnic with the group, I noticed that she was breathing heavy and coughing. At times, it sounded like she was choking. She just followed me around crying and coughing. I kept picking her up, patting her back it seemed to get better for a few minutes. I kept thinking, "once we get outside she'll feel better". When we got outside I sat down next to Teresa (sis-in-law) and mentioned to her that Abby was breathing kinda heavy, what did she think? - making a long story short, she continued to cry, cough and she couldn't catch her breath. I had never experienced this with any of my kids so I wasn't sure what to do, until one mom says, "I think she is having an asthma attack." Finally, I thought what am I still doing here - my daughter can not breathe. I packed up, called the doctor and was on my way. Sure enough, she was having an asthma attack and needed a breathing treatment immediately.
She seemed to respond well to the one given to her in the doctor's office so they didn't send me to Children's Hospital. I came home with a nebulizer machine, tubes, face mask and prescriptions for steroids. She is alseep on the couch now and still breathing kinda fast and heavy. I have given her a dose of steroids, and one breathing treatment so far (3 more yet tonight). I wasn't expecting this today - Asthma - who knew?
She goes back in the morning to check the progress of the treatments. Pray for her!


mhutsell said...

OH Stace...I am sorry...this is rough. My friend's kids have it and the breathing treatments help but the steroids make them quite hyper. I know she uses those sparingly. I pray the breathing treatments bring great relief. I am glad your friend there had the wisdom to say asthma! Hope she feels better soon! Love, M.

Beck Family said...

Glad the medicine was able to give her some relief. I know nothing about asthma. I do know this year has been the worst for pollen in decades in this area. Joseph is currently on three different prescription allergy meds.