Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Extra's

We obtained a couple extra kids for the weekend. Ellie & Noah (parents: Dave & Julie) have become part of the Brown family. We spent the day yesterday playing outside and getting ready for our homeschool group's "Kick-Off Party". Everyone had a great time and the weather was nice - no rain - Thank you Lord! We came home, bathed everyone and put them all to bed just in time for the Buckeye Game - which didn't turn out the way we had hoped - We'll get 'em next time Buckeyes! We were back at it this morning - everyone up and getting ready for church. I helped with praise and worship today and at one point I looked back to see Kevin sitting at the end of a row with 9 kids in it! 6 were ours plus a few extra's! I guess it looked like a fun row to sit in! We grabbed Wendy's on the way home, changed clothes, ate and went back outside. The wind is very strong here. The little ones were having trouble staying on their feet. I'm guessing these are "Ike" winds. Pretty strong though! Trash day was Friday and everyone's empty cans are falling over and blowing down the street! The trees behind us get loud when the wind picks up. I'm sure the rain is coming, but for now the sun is shining and the temperature is hot! We came back inside - we couldn't handle being blown around anymore. We'll watch a movie, play and wait for mom and dad to get back this evening!

Abby's asthma is much better - thanks to all who called/e-mailed to check on her! We'll go to the doctor again to discuss preventative treatment!

I need to ask prayer for a cousin. Mike's wife Jama died on Sat. in a hospital in Missouri. They have 3 girls - 10, 7, & 5. I don't know all the details at this time, they are going to do an autopsy to determine the cause of death, but it stems from complications from a gastric bypass surgery that she had 2 years ago. Please pray for them as these girls grieve for their mother and this husband as he deals with the loss of his wife. Mike's mom and sisters are with him as well as Jama's family (all from Indiana). I heard that there is "a lot of crying going on!" They are all devasted and in shock. No one got to say good-bye! Help me pray that God's grace will be upon them, that His peace will bring them comfort and that He will surround them all with His love.
Thanks for helping me pray friends,

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Beck Family said...

Stace, I'm so sorry about your cousin's wife. I was in tears reading your blog thinking of him and those poor children. We will definately pray. I love you. It was crazy windy here yesterday too.
Hope the docs can help get Abby a plan so no more attacks. Missing you.Chelle