Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Planning a Short Trip

We are planning to travel to Indiana again for the funeral of my cousin-in-law, Jama. She died on Saturday and they have brought her back to Indiana for the funeral and burial. What do you say to a husband who has lost the love of his life? She was only 32 - they had the rest of their lives to live together. What do you say to 3 young girls who have just lost their mother and are facing life without the single most important person in their lives? This is what's going through my mind right now as we prepare to leave tomorrow for the viewing, stay all night with my mom and dad and go to the funeral on Thursday. Holy Spirit bring comfort to their hearts, especially those" little girl " ones.
Well, half of Columbus is still without power - hard to believe I know! They are saying it could still take up to a week to get some areas up and running again. Houses behind us are without power, but we never lost power. They said on the news that there were wind gusts recorded between 60-75 mph. That's STRONG WIND! We had a couple trees split behind our house, but nothing brought damage. Almost all school districts in the city are closed because the schools do not have power. Some big stores are open- running on generators!
It's a whole different world without electricity!


mhutsell said...

So sorry to hear about Jama. How heartbreaking. It must be hard for you to take this trip again so soon. Glad you all survived the storm! Love, M.

Beck Family said...

Can't imagine what your family is having to endure. So sorry. Hope all is safe on your trip. Glad you didn't lose power during the storm. Love-Chelle