Monday, September 22, 2008

Excited About AWANA!

Tonight will be the first night of AWANA at the Baptist church close to us. This will be Rachel's first year to go and she is so excited. It was supposed to start last Monday, but the wind storm had knocked out power to the church. This morning Jordan reminded her that AWANA was "this night" and she giggled and almost cried I think with joy - she has been wanting to go for 2 years now! We will be left with only Abby for an hour & 1/2 . We will be taking her to Appliance Smart to look for a new dishwasher for the one unit of the duplex that we own. Fun huh?

We had a good weekend - first off the Buckeyes won! At church on Sunday, I played the piano for the praise and worship (I was also singing when I wasn't to nervous about what I was playing). The P&W leader just had a baby and is taking a couple of weeks off. I play the piano
around the house for the kids and I to sing "Jesus loves me" or "This little light of mine", but I haven't played for a whole set of songs for over 2 years now! My fingers were actually sore from all the practice leading up to this Sunday! Guess who played the drums????? Yep, Kevin was hooked into playing the drums because the regular drummer had to go out of town for a funeral!
We were both nervous, but it went well. We made a few mistakes that hopefully the congregation didn't catch - the rest of the p&w team helped to cover our errors. It was kinda fun to play - I like to - I just don't do it too often!

The weather is supposed to be wonderful all week - 75-80 degrees & sunshine. We haven't been able to put away our shorts yet, and the girls are enjoying riding their bikes. Rach and Abby have both moved up to a bigger bike and I need to get some pics of them riding on here. Abby goes fast enough now that I can walk beside her while she's riding and actually feel that it is exercise! It's looking to be a good week around here!

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