Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Grandparents & Uncles

Some of the pics are of our "Labor Day" get-together with my mom's family.

There is nothing better that Great Grandparents! How wonderful to have your kids interacting with your grandparents. There is so much to be gained from all that they have been through and all that they have done in their lives. I'm thrilled to have them around on my side of the family and Kevin's side as well. Great Grandpa Hall and Great Grandpa Sizemore both served in WWII. We have often enjoyed the wealth of history and service from their stories of war. I've often wanted to do a "Family Tree" project with the kids - maybe we'll get to that this school year sometime.
We've also enjoyed some time with Uncle Matt - we had lunch today with him and he took Zach, Jord and Rach to see "Star Wars: the Clone Wars" . There was nothing else worth seeing at the only movie theater in Kokomo. We picked up Nana from work, took Matt home and got back to the house just in time to have dinner with Great Grandpa and Grandma Sizemore.
If you're reading this Kevin - don't forget to water the tomatos & feed and water the bunny.
Love you & Miss you, Stace


mhutsell said...

So funny you are using your blog to remind your hubby to do his chores! Hope he sees it! kids look to be having a great time...you will be ready to get home! M.

Beck Family said...

Pics are great. The kids look like they are having a blast. Sounds like your trip is a wonderful one. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!Love Chelle

misty's blog said...

The kids did have a good time. I am glad they had that time to interact with each other,they are all growing up so fast. It was a nice time. Love and miss you all.