Friday, September 19, 2008

We're Family!

We had a good trip to Indiana and back - changing clothes in the van, getting lost and running wild in the graveyard are just a few of the highlights. It was good to see my cousin Mike and his three girls - Emily, Erin & Lindsey. Mike seemed so strong - trying to keep up with the flow of visitors coming into the funeral home to say farewells to his wife Jama. The girls all seemed to be handling the situation well. Emily had attached to cousins and was enjoying being the oldest of the group. She didn't show much emotion, she was "tough". She seemed matter-of-fact about what had happened. Erin, "who looks just like her grandma" (my aunt Ginni), was adorable looking at everyone through her glasses on the end of her nose - she wanted to know who all these people were and took to my kids right away - showing them around and taking them to the snacks in the basement of the funeral home. She has such a sweet spirit. Lindsey, was a joyful little thing with a mothering spirit - Abby quickly became her "baby" - Rachel, Abby and Lindsey had fun chasing each other, laughing and sharing snacks.
Toward the end of the night, we were saying our goodbyes, until we met in the morning for the funeral. Erin was standing beside her grandma as I gave her a hug. She looked up at me and said, "I forgot, Who are you again?" I began to explain that my dad and her grandma were brother & sister, so her dad and I were cousins so that makes you and I .... and before I could finish, she piped up, stuck her finger in the air and said "Family!" That's all she needed to know, with that she came at me with a big hug. Tears filled my eyes as well as Aunt Ginni's as we reaffirmed to her that "Yes, we are family!"
Family is what will see Mike and the girls through this. God has given us each other here on this earth to be his arms of love, His hands of kindness and His heart of compassion. He uses family! I love my family - all of them, down to the 3rd cousins! I know it's hard to get together as often as we would like because everyone lives here & there, but it's important that we try.
I want my kids to value the importance of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Just to know that we have an army of support if we should ever need it!
It was great to see so many come to show their support to Mike and the girls. They are moving back to Indiana and will be surrounded by family who will be their continued support!
We have been reminded here again in this house just how precious life is and what we do with our life matters.

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Beck Family said...

Thank you for sharing that Stacy. What a hard thing with the end of such a good reminder. Sorry again for the loss for your family but how nice it is that your family pulls together when someone needs them. Love-Chelle