Monday, August 4, 2008

Boating, VBS & Cheese

Finally, now that it is August, we have made our first trip out on the boat. It was a beautiful day and the kids really had a great time. I did not want to put a pic of me in a bathing suit, but I wanted you to see the kids enjoying the beach (I tried to find one without me in it). They have been talking about the "beach" every day since we went. Abby cried when we took her out of the water. We went to the Delaware Reservoir and stayed out on the water about 6 hours. Everyone was tired and only Zach got sunburned on the face a little bit!

VBS at our church started this week and Kevin and I are heading up the Pre-K group. They have a lot of energy and it seemed to grow as the night went on tonight. They were bouncing all over the place by the end of the night ( and we weren't). My heart goes out to some of the kids that come. Even the first night, some of the girls were wanting to hold my hand and sit on my lap and be near me as we moved from station to station - as if they wanted affection/attention from me. Now these kids are unchurched and their parents do not attend church (at least not this one) and they live in a neighborhood closeby. They actually were brought by the "church bus" so to speak (it's actually a couple of vans). These girls have the most beautiful faces and such an innocence about them. I pray that God will just shower them this week with love and self-worth. I pray that God would move the parents to come to church and come to know Him.
Oh how I love to see the power of Jesus Christ change lives!
I had the priveledge of being raised in church and knowing the Lord at a young age - and now I love watching my children grow in their relationship with Him. I see such a servant's heart in each one of them.

Abby has slept through the past 3 nights!!!! Yeah!!! I have been avoiding any and all naps! It seems to be working, but she did have a nap today. Between boating Saturday (we had to keep her awake on the way home), and being at church all day Sunday to get ready for VBS (10am-9pm) she was falling apart on me around 1:30 today. She didn't get in bed tonight until 10pm and she did fall right asleep. I pray she makes it through the night!

We got a fridge for the garage to put extra food and drinks in and the kids and I cleaned it out today. It had been in the basement at the lab (Kev's parents business) and it really needed a good cleaning. The kids jumped right in - scrubbing and wiping & hosing off shelves. Kev said it didn't even look like the same fridge. Well anyway, Rachel is so proud of this new fridge that she was telling people about it tonight and saying, "You should come and see it, it's all clean and it has pop and water in it." She told me tonight as I was saying goodnight that she loves the new fridge but it's missing something. I asked her, "What?" and she said, "Cheese!" How funny that was to me, but then I asked her, "Why?" and she explained that the shelf that we put the cheese on in the fridge in the house is too high, but in this fridge she could reach it! We put our cheese in the very top under the clear door - where you usually keep your eggs. So, I guess tomorrow I need to go get some cheese for the garage fridge, she is tired of asking me and waiting for me to get cheese for her I guess.

Cheese - Who knew!


mhutsell said...

That is so funny! I love how a child thinks. Yes, you must put cheese in the garage! It is so nice to have a garage fridge. You are going to love it when you do extra baking and such at the holidays or when you have parties too! Glad Abbers is sleeping for you. I know it must be hard to drag her through nap time. She just must be one of those kids who needs less rest. Bummer. Love the boating day pics. Glad VBS is touching your lives. I have been surprised when I sub in church at the little kids who cling like I am their mom. Good thing they have you for a teacher. I am sure you give them lots of love. ~M.

Beck Family said...

Cheese, that is hilarious. As I was reading I could just see her saying this and hear her little voice, that was great. Looks like a great time boating. I love that you put the pics up so often, I'll try after the Fair. Glad you are finally getting some sleep. I love VBS, wonderful things seem to happen all week, great you are all enjoying being a part of it.
Love Ya,Chelle