Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend Plans

As the weekend begins we are still preparing to start school on Mon. I still have to get a few things in order for Jord and Rach, but I am ready for Zach and 6th grade!
Kev is studying like crazy! The test is Thurs and I guess there is a 40% pass rate and the test could take up to 6 hrs to finish. So needless to say he is a under some pressure these days and stuck in a book studying every spare minute. Thankfully, the orders for MWAS were down this week and he told some companies not to send any until mid-week. The new guy starts Aug 25, and Kev has pass this test to be certified and for the new guys hours to count toward his apprenticeship.
I'm not sure what the weekend holds for us. There is always yardwork and house chores to do. There is a Community Picnic at the Maranatha Baptist Church right here by us. Last year we went to that and the kids had a blast. They had blow-up games, bouncy things, and crawl thru tunnels along with food and unlimited snowcones! Maybe the kids and I could go over there and give Kev some quiet time to study.
Potty training is still going well! We've taken her out a few times now and she has made it every time - although we have had numerous trips to public restrooms YUCK! At least we are staying dry!
Have a great weekend family and friends!

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Beck Family said...

Yay!!! No more diapers. I'm glad Abby is staying dry, that is such a feat. Tell Kevin we say Good Luck!!! That family picnic thing sounds like a real treat. I hope school is going well for you today.
Love You, Chelle