Friday, August 1, 2008

Sleeping Buddies

Abby slept all night! We went to check on the girls before going to bed and this is how we found them. They love being sisters. Abby would rather be without me than Rachel. She cries if we leave her anywhere or she is not home with us. They are the best of friends. Jord is more like a mom to them both. They love it when she reads to them and includes them on her "crafting". She gets them snacks and helps them with their shoes. The new thing she wants to do with them is practice braiding their hair. You know how Jord is, she will keep trying until she gets it right. I hope the girls have enough patience for that.

I love seeing them be such good sisters to each other.


mhutsell said...

That pic is too funny. I am so glad you squeezed a night of sleep in there. It must be so hard to keep her up from her nap. It would be so wonderful if that were the solution though. Glad Kevin tooka turn in there too so at least you have had two nights in a row of rest. Nothing is so hard as losing sleep. Love you. M,

Beck Family said...

What a great pic. They are wonderful sisters. Yea, maybe that will be the solution, Joseph was the only one of my three that I had to stop giving naps right at two. Made no sense to anyone else but he was fine and we were sleeping. I hope your VBS goes well for you.