Thursday, August 28, 2008

Field Trip today

The pics are of Abby's run-in with the couch - she tripped over her pillow, which she drags around the house with her all day! The other one is the necklace that Kevin got me for our Anniversary.

We are ready to go on a field trip today. Slate Run Farm - it's a 1880's run farm. They are having special classes today for homeschool kids. I can't believe we're ready to go early. We are waiting for a couple other families to show up at our house and we are going to carpool.

I'll have pics from our field trip later.

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mhutsell said...

Oh my word little Abby girl. Yikes. And always before you take them out of the house on a field trip! Now you get to answer the "What happened to her?" question all day! Still, the trip sounds so fun! Love the necklace. M.