Friday, August 22, 2008

Kevin Passed His Test

Yeah! Praise the Lord! Kevin passed his test to be state certified. After 5 1/2 hrs of testing (on computer) the instructor said that he had a wonderful score. It's great to have him back to normal and not feeling the pressure of this test. Of course, all of us who know Kevin were never worried. He always does well at school type things. He retains so much of what he reads - it doesn't come that easy for me. I went to praise and worship practice at our church last night so Kev was home with the kids and they are telling me today what a great time they had with dad last night. He took them on a bike ride, let them swim in the pool and put the sprinkler under the tramp while they jumped. When I returned everyone was in bed except Zach and there were no signs of bathing suits, towels or even dirty dishes. It was wonderful!

The picture is of the kids the other night - even though we have started school we are still trying to get to bed earlier and sometimes it just doesn't work. We had put the girls to bed and I was going over Zach's next day of school with him, when Jord appeared and said that she was hot. I told her to turn her fan toward her and go back to bed. Shortly after that, Abby appeared asking, "whach ya doin?" and immediately sat down with Zach's cars on his bedroom floor. I kept working on Zach's school knowing that I would have to physically take her back to bed, but not before Rach came out saying, "Abby's out of bed". Rach immediately sat down to play with the cars as well. Kev, feeling bad that we sent Jord back to bed, went to tell her she could get up for awhile. During all of this my mom called and we began talking - I left the kids playing because they were being so good and quiet. I can't remember the last time all 4 of them were playing the same thing together and I'm sure it wasn't cars. I just had to snap a pic of them playing together when they should have all been in bed. They were too cute to get upset with. The next night we gave out consequences for getting out of bed after their lights were out! Kev had wore them out and no one got out of bed last night!

Have a great weekend!


mhutsell said...

Yeahhh Kevin. Yeah for passing the test but even bigger YEAH for the night after. I mean, no bathing suit and towel mess? No dirty dishes. That is amazing. I can REALLY appreciate that. And I can REALLY appreciate how he went all out to make it a fun evening for them. Dad's are not always good at that. So Yeah Kevinand Yeah for you! Love, M>

Beck Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS KEVIN!!!! All your hard work paid off and now you can relax a bit, sounds like great for the whole family. Way to go on the brownie points too. Ah Stace the kids are sooo cute. Miss you, love Chelle.