Friday, August 8, 2008

Jesus Gives Us The Power

"Jesus gives us the power" was the start to every Bible Point for VBS this week. He gives us the power to be thankful, help others, be brave, live forever and tell others. I'm glad that Jesus gives us the power to make it through VBS with a group of Pre-K's! This VBS went from Sunday - Thurs. so we have tonight off. Although, we do have a cousin birthday party (Lexi), tonight, but we are actually looking forward to that. Zach and Jord are sleeping over and everyone always has a good time at Uncle Keith and Aunt Cookie's house! We tried to talk them into keeping the other two girls, but I don't think it's going to happen. Maybe Kev and I will have to take the little ones out for breakfast or something in the morning!

Rachel is feeling better, antibiotics are amazing! No one else has come down with it - thank you Lord!

Kevin met with his new "Apprentice" today. He starts on Aug. 25th. He is such a young kid - to us anyway. Kevin is really looking forward to having him on board. He thinks that he could stop working everyday by 6pm or so with the help of an Apprentice. Which would be great!

We took our neice and nephew to VBS that last couple nights and last night on the way home they started making up songs - the idea is to start a cousin band and make lots of money (like the Jonas Bros.). They promised to give a cut to their parents and make sure they were set for retirement! So, they started trying to make up lines that rhyme and it became quite funny.
Still today, Zach and Jord are walking around "rhyming" and making up songs! Who knows - maybe someday the Brown cousin band will make it BIG!

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