Friday, August 29, 2008

A Date and Packing

The field trip was fun, educating and muddy and smelly! The girls would not use the outhouse so they held their pee the entire time we were there. The outhouse smell was very very bad! Abby ended up using a pull-up to relieve herself. Last night when saying goodnight to Rach and Abby we were naming all the things we did at the farm and Rach said, "All I can remember is that horrible smell!"

Tonight we are going out to dinner for our Anniversary. My mom sent a gift card, Kevin's parents are babysitting the little ones and Zach and Jord are going to a friends.

We have been packing and cleaning all day. We leave tomorrow for Kokomo for a week. except for Kev - he is coming home Monday night, he's driving my moms car home and coming back to get us Fri/Sat. Yes, I am using my Little Green on everything. I worked on cleaning the van yesterday and today! Even the kids think it is fun to use!

I'll blog from Kokomo!

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mhutsell said...

Oh...have so much fun with your parents! I know you love being with them! The smelly outhouse is the trouble with being a just can't go anywhere. It must have been awful...couldn't they hang an air freshener? HAHA. Hope your date was so fun. Love you...M.