Sunday, August 24, 2008

Little Green

I woke up Friday morning and started down the steps when I noticed something brown and yucky covering about 3 of the steps. Upon inspection - Kylo had yak'd (vomited)! As long as we have had her she has never thrown up like this before! In the mix was a tomato - I'm guessing this was what caused her to do this. It was already dry and unsure of what to do I covered the steps with a beach towel, instructed everyone to walk to the right on the stairs and went about getting breakfast and school started.

By lunch time I had decided that I needed a Bissell Little Green. I had asked for one of these for my birthday (which is Sat), so I would just go and get it myself a week early. Thanks for the present Hubby & kids! For your 35th birthday with 4 kids, a dog and a bunny - these are the kinds of things you ask for on your birthday. I called around and Kohl's had one so I grabbed my coupon ( yes mom, I remembered my coupon) and ran out to get it. It didn't take me long to have it up, running and ready to tackle the Little Green's big first job in the Brown house! It took me about 45 min of going over and over and over the stained area - with a few interuptions, but Little Green got the job done!
I'm so excited about what this new little machine will add to my life! I'm looking forward to using it in our van this week (it needs cleaned before we go to Kokomo). I don't know how I have gone this long without one. Today I got it out to clean a couple rugs and some stains on the carpet - even the kids are wanting to use it. So there's my plug for the Bissell Little Green - if you don't have one you are missing out on a whole lot of good cleaning fun! Anyone can borrow mine if they want!

Well, the new guy starts tomorrow and we're geared up for another week of school and cleaning fun!
Love you all,

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mhutsell said...

gee, if I didn't know it, I'd think this was my blog! Glad you had fun cleaning the puke! Dreading another week of school...isn't that awful? I just feel so LAZY still. can't shake summer yet. Love, M.