Thursday, July 31, 2008

This and That

Abby is still having trouble sleeping. 3am-6am last night. Thankfully my wonderful hubby handled last night for me. She is fine, nothing wrong and she is just as frustrated as we are that she can't go back to sleep. I have scheduled a visit to the doctor next week. I've had 2 nurses call me to discuss the situation and see if I had tried "this and that". You know, over the past year, I have tried "this and that". At this point we are averaging every other night and we are fast approaching a new school year. Lord, I need to have this figured out by then.

The nurse today suggested that even though she was awake for 3 hrs in the night, that I leave her up and do not give her a nap. It was tough, but we made it through the day and we'll see if that will keep her sleeping through the night.

We went to our church tonight to help set up for VBS next week. I am so glad that I am not in charge of this, but glad that the kids can experience a Group VBS. This year is called "Power Lab" - it's a scientist lab, with molecules, beakers, test tubes, atoms and of course concoctions of all sorts! Kevin and I are in charge of the "Squeaky Beakers". This is the Pre-K group (3-5 yrs). We should be good and tired by the end of next week!

I've been cleaning out the basement and closets, trying to get my "Spring cleaning" finished before my new school books arrive as well as working on decorations for our VBS room.
Hopefully we'll get out on the boat this weekend!

Pray for Sweet Dreams around here!

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