Friday, July 11, 2008

On to the World Series

Well, we won last night and Zach scored the winning run! It was very exciting! The score was tied and we were in extra innings. All we needed to do was score and we would win. The first batter struck out and Zach was up. After a ball and a strike he hit a single into center field and the winning run was on base. Another single was hit and Zach now was at 2nd. On a wild pitch he stole 3rd base. The next batter hit and Zach scored ! We are now the National League Champs and will play the World Series on Sat.
We pulled in to the field for last night's game and Rachel says, " Bubby's game again?" The girls have been real troopers - we bring buckets, shovels, cups and trucks and they play in the gravel and dirt. My girls love to get dirty.
Nana is leaving us today - she has loved being able to see these last couple of games.
It's always so nice to have her here.

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mhutsell said...

Yay Zach~ good luck buddy! Love,Melissa and the family