Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I'm going to start with our good friends Dave & Julie and then move on to interviews. D & J came over Mon. night and we grilled out and the kids played. They have Ellie (almost 4) and Noah (2). Years and years ago when Julie was in highschool (ok- maybe not that long ago) she started coming to the youth program that we were doing at the church. She went to an Aquire the Fire weekend and gave her heart to the Lord. At this time, the youth of the church was going strong and she had lots of friends coming to the church. As the next year or so passed, some friends left or stopped coming and J remanined faithful. Dave had been working for Kevin's parents at the lab and Teresa (my sis-in-law) invited him to come to church - where....... you guessed it, he met Julie. Kevin married them on a very hot day in September - anybody remember that HOT day? Now, they live in Gahanna have 2 beautiful children, Dave is a Columbus Fire Fighter and Julie has received her Masters and is looking to be a Guidance Counselor. We are so proud of them! We are so glad that we were able to be a part of this family that God brought together.

On to the interviews - they are over! We interviewed 9 applicants. All of them were of good quality, but we feel we already know who would fit with us. It really didn't take much discussion. We are thankful about that. We were praying that the Holy Spirit would lead us to the right people. I believe that we are going to hire on 2 at this time. A Christian lady who is already a State Licensed Appraiser - she will receive the overflow of orders and requires no training. We will also hire an Apprentice that K will have to train. Our plan is to let them know our decision this weekend and have them start sometime in Aug. I feel a sense of relief as we have taken this step. Now we can move on and hopefully see Kevin working less hours, but maintaining income!

Abby has continued to awaken in the night and finally I have made contact with our Pediatrician to seek advice. They haven't gotten back with me yet. She was awake Sat night from 3am-6am - she slept well Sun night, but struggled to fall alseep Monday night and was awake from 5am - 7:30am Tues. morning. I am now having trouble sleeping even when she is sound asleep. I feel as though I am anticipating her to wake up and I am so tense that I can't relax. So, even the night that she slept all night - I only slept about 5 hrs and I had slept only 3 hours the night before and I believe about 3-4 hours last night. This is not enough for me! Hopefully the doc will have some advice.

Trying to keep it all in perspective, I am thankful that a sleeping problem is my only issue, I know she is healthy and strong and we may just have to get through this season - One good point - I have spent alot more time in prayer in the quiet morning hours! His strength is Perfect!
Pray for a good night's sleep!


Beck Family said...

Ah Stace, I pray your little Abby gets on a better sleeping routine soon for both your sake. It is difficult to go thru the day tired and get everything done with the zest you want. I love you, I hope this season is over soon. At least you have the interviews off your plate and can move into the next phase with the business. I remember Julie and Ellie, great to hear they are doing so well.
Take Care,

mhutsell said...

Stace...I would not even pretend to offer advice as though I know what the problem is. But, I don't know if you remember when Gage went through this thing where he got up at like 5 am and wanted to start the day. In the beginning I was so thrown off that I got up with him. This lasted for a couple weeks-a miserable couple of weeks as I was also still nursing in the night. SOme mornings 5am, other mornings 6am and then the final blow...3am. When he came in at 3am I put him back to bed and told him it was NOT time to get up. I told him it was dark and he could not be up until the sun was (and then I proceeded to make his windows dark)! I think I had to put him back in there a couple more times but then he stopped doing that altogether after that. It was like it had become a habit ot something. His body clock was just off. I think if I had just keep letting him get up at that time...he would have kept doing it. So, it was sort of, in my opinion, a body clock issue and a discipline issue of sorts. Sometimes being too patient is the problem for us as moms. We deem a discipline issue as a physical issue and then proceed to offer way too much sympathy. Having said that...of course this could totally be a sleep issue for Abby and it could be in need of something medical. I am sure you have tried the avenue of just making her get back in bed. Hang in there. I know it has to be so tough. those couple of weeks for me were awful. We got our package. Thank you so much. The pics were great and the boys have been on me to get those ingredients for the cake. And of course we ate the gravy that very night. Love you! M.