Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Boys Sleepover

It's 4:20am - I have 8 boys downstairs. 4 are asleep and 4 still awake playing Wii (baseball) in the basement. I have one girl who is awake - Abby- she wakes up in the night frequently and it usually takes her at least 2 hours or more to fall back asleep. She woke up around 1:30, I laid with her until 3:30 and I caught her getting out of bed at 4:15am. So, even if my house wasn't filled with boys I would be awake anyway tonight waiting for Abby to go back to sleep.
Now that baseball games are over, Zach is finally getting his birthday sleepover and Jordan will have hers Friday night. So really, we are not finished with birthdays yet, but I know the end is near.
I ordered my books for school today. I would like to start school on Aug 18th and get a couple weeks in before Labor Day. We are planning to go to Kokomo that weekend and the kids and I will stay the week there and have Kevin come back and get us the next weekend. So at least I will have a couple weeks into the school year before we take our first break! I can't believe I have a 6th grader. How did I make it this far? In the beginning, I was only going to homeschool for a couple of years and now here we are. We will be doing 6th grade, 3rd grade & Kindergarten this year! I'm looking forward to a real productive year - with Abby being older and not as unpredictable.
Well, I'm going to head off to bed and see if I can get some sleep before the first child rises in the morning. I'm already looking forward to naptime tomorrow!

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mhutsell said...

I DO NOT know how you are doing this middle of the night thing with Abby. I would lose my mind. Any thoughts on why she is like this? I mean, were you like this or Kevin? It would make me bonkers. I know you have tried everything. I know when I get to that point with something I learn to bow the knee and accept the trial God has sent. I went through it with Gage for a spell and it was so hard. Thankfully he stopped after a time. I will pray God sends the wisdom to know how to deal with it or for her to outgrow it. Glad the boys had fun. You are so much NICER than I am...I would have put them to bed long before that! But then you were always the fun mom! Love you, ~M,