Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Zach's 11th Birthday

Today is Zach's birthday! We had a few presents for him to open this morning. A "rip-stick" skateboard and the Indiana Jones game for the Wii. The girls got him a Narnia book to read, mechanical pencils and a bag of 3 Musketeers. After watching the instructional DVD we went outside to give this new skateboard a try. It is difficult to balance. He could only manage it for a few seconds. He decided to try his new Wii game and come back to the skateboard later.

Rachel also hit a milestone today - She can now ride a bike with no training wheels! While we were out shopping for Zach's birthday we picked her up a small bike (12 inch I think) and took the training wheels off of it. It was so easy for her to feel confident and concentrate on balancing instead of falling because she can easily put both feet on the ground. When she really has the hang of riding with no training wheels, we'll put her back on her "Dora" bike(16 inch) and take the training wheels off.

She is sooooo excited! What an already exciting day around here! We are going to Fazoli's for lunch today (Zach's BD choice), Nana is coming over and Zach has a playoff game tonight. If his baseball team wins tonight they will go on the play for the American League Championship. Go Mudcats! We are taking cupcakes and drinks to the game tonight to celebrate.
I thank the Lord for birthdays - they are so fun!

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mhutsell said...

Oh happy birthday Zachariah Winslow Brown! Wish we were there for the boys to try the new skateboard. Sounds like a good boy challenge. Yay Rachey Lou on the bike! So fun. BTW...your xanga message says its from you now! Love you guys, M.