Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Baseball & Birthdays

Zach wanted a couple of boys to sleep over for his birthday, but since his team was still in the playoffs he had a game last night and we postponed the sleepover. Wouldn't you know that just as the first inning was underway the skies opened up and poured rain, the game was canceled and rescheduled for tonight! We came home, dried off, and watched "Enchanted" - not exactly Zach's choice of a bd movie. He didn't complain much as he ate on his gigantic birthday cookie that his memaw brought him. If they win tonight they will play again tomorrow night for the American League Championship.
Today is my brother Matt's birthday - Happy Birthday Uncle Matt - we plan on calling you later.
We went to the library today for story time and for the first time Abby was really into it. We then went to Staples - they have pencils and hand sanitizer for $.01 so this is our 2nd stop this week. (My girls call it hand tanisizer). After a quick trip to Meijer we are all home and the girls are making bracelets with Nana and Zach is playing his new Wii game with a neighbor friend. Well, I need to do a few chores before we leave for the bb game, hopefully it won't rain on us tonight - Go Mudcats!

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