Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Visit with Great Grandpa

Today Zach and Jordan went to have lunch and spend a couple of hours with Great Grandpa Hall (Kevin's grandpa). He will be 98 this fall, and he is still going strong. The kids took their pictures from their Washington D.C. trip - they thought Great Grandpa would especially enjoy the pics from the WWII Memorial (since he served in that war). They played Apples to Apples with them, made a bug catcher and ate pizza. Hopefully, these times spent together will make memories that my Z and J can share with their own kids.

Rachel, Abby and I grabbed some lunch at Wendy's and then took some trash to dump at the lab(Kev's parents business), because we forgot to put our trash out - Melissa, this is when I miss you the most! When the Hutsell's lived across the street they would make sure that we did not forget to put our trash out - we've got no one on the street looking out for us anymore. Our trash day moves with each holiday so you have to keep up with it and I was never good at that. I depend on others to put their trash out early enough for me to notice and then I catch on that the trash truck will be coming in the morning. Oh well, at least I have somewhere that I can dump it when I do forget! Thanks R&L.

Imagine the being in Kev's truck with all kids, no air, windows down and the back filled with trash. STINKY!!! Rach has a sensitive nose anyways and she went on and on about the smell!

Well, Abby is in bed and Jord and I are heading to Michaels to look for a craft for her girl sleepover which is tomorrow night!


mhutsell said...

OH the stink! I can just imagine how bad it was! So sorry we aren't there to remind you! I LOVE how here the holiday only means that trash is moved to Saturday or even Sunday. So, at least if we get it just sits at the curb one day longer.Since we have lived here we have only missed trash day once. Thankfully our neighbors here are VERY good at putting theirs out early. is the recycling going> Have you kept it up or have you tired of it? Be honest!:) is late. K and I hired a sitter for a few hours tonight. Off to bed now. Love you. Have another fun sleepover. ~M

Michelle Waters said...

Hey, fun blog! I hope you had a great sleepover. I'm not brave enough for that yet...