Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally Nothing To Do

So, we have nothing scheduled for the next 2 weeks - absolutely nothing on the calendar except a hair appt for me. Already the kids have been asking , "What are we doing today?" I say, "nothing" and they are not sure what that means. We laid around this morning, watched some TV, then put away clothes, made beds and everyone straightened up their rooms a bit. After lunch we headed out to the pool. Abby needed a nap so I came inside and Rachel soon followed. She is now playing on another computer here beside me. Zach and Jord have been asking to invite friends over because they claim to be bored. Imagine that!

I have made a list of projects that I would like to tackle during this "time off". Some cleaning, scrapbooking of sorts and painting. We'll see how that goes.

Kevin is looking to hire some help for Midwest Apprasial Services and I need to contact the applicants today and schedule interviews for next week. This makes us very nervous as we would be letting a stranger into our business and lives. We have been prayerful and slow to move trying to follow what the Lord would have us do with this business. Kevin definately needs help - he works day and night and almost all weekend long. Pray that we would be sensitive to the leading of the Lord as we go through the interview process.

We also have to clean out one side of the duplex we own to get ready for new renters. They are set to move in Aug. 1st and the previous tentants moved out last week. We have a few simple tasks to accomplish before we can hand the keys over.

So really. is there nothing to do?

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Beck Family said...

uI hope you really do get to enjoy some of the down time. Every week I think if I can just get through this week the next will be easier and less to do but then the next week comes and still so much to do.
It's great sometimes that the kids have time to wonder what do I do. Will definately pray for a helper for Kevin, I'm sure that is a bit frightening but I know God will put just the right person there for him. Take Care Friend!!