Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Babysitter left Today

Our babysitter, Candice, left today for Louisiana for college. She started babysitting for us when she was 12. We would put Zach and Jord to bed and she would come to the house and stay while we went to catch a movie, a bite to eat or just go shopping. As the family grew and she got older she would feed them, bathe them and put them to bed. I always knew that if she ever needed help it was only a few steps away since her family lives across the street. I know she had to call on her mom to come help a few times over the years. We are not the only family here on Kellerman Ct. or in the subdivision wondering when we will ever go out again. She babysat for many families and was always busy. Everyone loved her because she was so good with the kids, she loved to play with them and she would always come to their birthday parties! She will be greatly missed here! If anyone knows of a great babysitter - I might be interested!

We spent the day running errands - post office, library, oil change and recycling. I have been recycling faithfully ever since my friend Melissa hooked me up with a big trash can and some bags. Thanks M! It saves us a lot of room in our big green dumpster (Jamie always said it would). We used to go up and down the street on trash night looking for a can that had some room in so that we could put a couple of our bags into it. Now everything fits great! I take the recycling bag to Sam's (they have lots of dumpsters there for recycling - and you don't have to sort) about once a week and I'm usually going that way anyway.

We scheduled interviews for Midwest Appraisal Services today. We will be interviewing 9 applicants on Mon/Tues. Please pray that we will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we meet these people face to face. I'll update on this after the interviews.
Have a blessed day,

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Beck Family said...

Oh, it doesn't seem possible that Candice is even old enough to go off to college let alone in Louisiana. Ah, I bet her mom is really going to miss her going away so far. Tell her we love her and good luck the next time to see her or talk to her please. We will be praying for Midwest Appraisal.
Love You!!