Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

The kids get home tomorrow. Yeah! We really miss them around here. Today they are driving to Mount Vernon to George Washington's home. There is a big party planned for all the guests and George and Martha will be there to help with the entertainment. Then they are leaving from there this afternoon and heading to Hershey, Pa. to spend the night and maybe catch some fireworks. They will get home Sat. evening. Yesterday they spent the day seeing as many things as the could. Zach said that everyone was complaining about their feet hurting! He called me from an I-HOP at 9:30pm - they were just getting their dinner. I'm so glad that they are getting this opportunity! Thanks to Nana and Pappy for taking them along on this great American Adventure! I pray they come home with a greater sense of the faith that this country was founded on and the reality of the sacrifice that it has taken, and is still taking to keep this country free.
We are planning a day of cleaning (basement and garage type cleaning). We skipped parades this morning and we watched Columbus' famous "Red, White & Boom" on TV last night.
We are planning to take Rachel and Abby to see the local Hilliard fireworks tonight.

I do want to share about a cousin of mine and her little baby. Max was born on April 1st, not breathing, and was diagnosed with a diaphramic hernia. This had caused his lungs not to develop properly. At this point, he has a feeding tube, and a trach in his throat to help him breathe. His mom, Heather, can not even hear him cry. She is up at all hours checking on him. They believe he has suffered no brain damage and could grow into a normal boy with time. They also have two older boys and would like to start going to church with them (they can't take the baby out). Heather expressed her desire to grow in a relationship with the Lord and draw from His strength to get them through this time. Please help me pray for strength, peace, finances, and purpose for this family.

Well, Abby wants her "baby soup" on. That's a bathing suit. Laundry and cleaning awaits me!
Have a great 4th of July! God Bless America!


mhutsell said...

I am desperately trying to leave a comment! I thought if I opened a blogspot account I could leave comments but it took more than that. Hope this works! I am so glad you are blogging. I miss your day to day life so much. Glad the big uns are having so much fun. I know you are missing them like crazy. They are so precious. Love Abby's baby soup...can just hear her saying that! Miss you all. love, ~M.

Kevin said...

You Blogger!