Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend full of movies, swimming, yardwork, basement cleaning, a birthday party and playtime with cousins. Friday we took it easy, watched some TV and started some cleaning in the basement. It seems like things had just been piling up down there since May. We would get stuff out and not put it back where it should go and then it seems like the whole basement is out of control. I need to organize school totes and get ready for a new year. All the girls clothes are mixed up from the change of winter into spring/summer and that needs sorted. Party supplies are in "Meijer bags" everywhere and baseball/soccer uniforms are in piles on the floor. By afternoon the troops were restless and we headed outdoors for some scooter and bike riding. We ran to Meijer and then to pick up "Flyers" pizza (the best pizza in town). We watched the "Bee Movie" and called it a night.

The kids slept in beautifully (8:30am). After some breakfast we made "Amish Friendship Bread" - you know the kind that your neighbor gives you and you have to squeeze the bag for 10 days before you mix all the ingredients and bake the bread. The kids love it! We took some bread to Uncle Jim, Aunt Suzy & the boys - Kane and Gabriel. K & G ended up coming home with us and spending the rest of the day at our house. Our fun started with water - we swam, jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath, Kevin got into a game of dumping buckets on the kids, and we even put Kylo in the pool - she is a good swimmer! We thought about putting the bunny in, but we could never catch that rascally rabbit! We came inside dried off, had a snack and watched the Bee Movie again and then the kids dispersed into playing Wii and playing with toys. I went back to the basement to clean and sort some more.

Abby was up again in the night (3am-6am) and the whole time I kept thinking - "how will she make it through church today, she will be miserable - how will I make it through church, I will be miserable." But we made it through just fine and headed off to Savannah's 6th birthday party. We dropped of Jord and Rach and the rest of us headed home. Abby and I napped. Uncle Keith picked up the girls for us and brought them home. The fun weekend was not over yet though- Zach and Jord went home with Uncle Keith and Lexi to play at their house for a couple hours. Kevin and I took Rach and Abby out for some dinner - we ate outside at Chipolte (the girls had KFC) and the girls were great and fun to be with. They seemed very talkative and we really enjoyed the cute conversations that we had. We picked up Z & J, came home and actually did a few chores around the house (clean bunny cage, sweep, empty dishwasher and bring down laundry). 4 tired kids were eager to go to bed and so am I.

Pray that Abby sleeps all night. I believe that God has placed a plan in my heart to help with this "no sleeping" thing - I'll keep you posted!

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Beck Family said...

Love the pics! Sounds like a relaxing fun filled weekend at the Browns. Love you friend!