Thursday, July 10, 2008

Parks and Baseball

Today our homeschool group met at Homestead Park and we played at the water fort area. We brought a picnic lunch and got wet! We are home to rest for just a while and then we set off for Homestead Park again for Jordan's softball team's end of the year party. We are meeting at the park for a potluck dinner. From there we are heading to another playoff game for Zach. If his team wins tonight they will be the League Champs and play in the World Series Sat. afternoon.
I'm excited about all these games, but I am ready to have our evenings back! I'm ready to have dinner around my kitchen table again and not out of a cooler.
Please continue to pray for baby Max as he is in the hospital again. Pray for Heather, his mom, as well. They have discovered a new problem with his blood platelet counts and are awaiting tests today. He is having trouble keeping any food down so they have taken out the feeding tube and he is only on IV fluids. Heather said that when he is awake he just cries (and she can't hear him cry because of the trach in his throat, but she can see him cry) because he is so hungry. Until tests results are in they are not going to feed him. She tries to keep him sleeping because he is so unhappy when he is awake.
Last night Abby woke up around 1:30 and stayed awake until after 3:30, she was fussy and frustrated and so was I - but I tried to keep everything in focus. She is having a rough night - but she is healthy and strong, I can hear her cry and she was able to eat a snack without any problems. During the time I was awake last night I prayed for little Max- I pray that no other complications are detected and that he begins to gain weight as he keeps his food down. Lord, help me to appreciate all the blessings that you have given me and let me have a compassionate heart toward those who are in need.

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mhutsell said...

Oh...I cannot believe the heartache of seeing but not hearing your baby cry. Actually, I cannot bear the thought of the millions of parents who have to watch their kids suffer or worse yet, die. I can think of no greater pain.

I cannot believe the pace you are keeping with those games and parties. You must be ready for a break. Still, it sounds as if you are enjoying it.

Check my site later...I am trying to post some pics! Love you, M.