Sunday, July 6, 2008

Church & Block Parties

This morning we had to wake Zach and Jord to get ready for church - they are tired! I'm sure they will recover quickly though. Pastor Jesse spoke this morning about our Founding Fathers, freedom, and what we take for granted here in this country. As pastor was talking about a missionary friend of his in Kenya he began to cry. He spoke of how many of the pastors have been killed and his church of 200-250 people has gone to only a handful of people. If the people in his congregation are still alive - they are probably too scared to come to church.

Just think about the freedom that we have to worship and go to church. So many take for granted the opportunity to meet with God and fellow believers every week. What if that freedom were ever taken away? I sometimes think about what this country will be like for my kids. They need to know about the foundation of this country and the men who God entrusted its formation to. This past year in history, Zach has memorized parts of the Declaration of Independence, American's Creed & Gettysburg Address. Some of the leaders of this country would love for the next generation to forget that they have a great heritage in Christ in this country. I pray for great Christian leaders to rise up again to lead this country.

Well anyways, I need to start getting ready for our block party - setting up tables and chairs and making some food, and decorating Power wheels and bikes.

The pics are of the group that went to Washington DC. All of the adults are from my mom and dads church in Kokomo, In. A couple of those ladies were my Sunday School teachers when I was a little girl!

The other pic is Nana, Pappy, Zach and Jord in front of the Washington Monument.

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