Sunday, July 13, 2008

We Won & Jord's Birthday!

The Mudcats won the World Series of the 11-12 yr. old league. The game was stressful (for parents), but the kids had a great time and both teams played well. He was so excited!

As soon as the game was over and trophies handed out I rushed home to prepare for a birthday party that I had planned for the kids (Zach, Jord & Rach). It was a busy Saturday!

Today is Jordan's 8th Birthday! We went to church this morning - Jordan made a comment about how she loved going to church to worship the Lord on her birthday! We took her to lunch and then home to open presents. We had a couple of extra cousins that were over and we spent the rest of the day in the pool! It was a fun day.

All baseball games are over, all kids birthdays are past for this year.

I've posted pics of our busy weekend!

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mhutsell said...

We love the pics of Abby Dabby Doo in her goggles. Love the cake that says Jord is 85 years old! Haha...must have been for Jord and Rach! It was fun to zoom in and see your kitchen and all the bday food. Wish we were there. Happy Birthday all you Browns. Glad your heavy birthday month is over! Congrats Mudcats. Love, Hutsells