Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dear Friends

Sorry that the pic is a little dark - we were outside the Olive Garden! Yummy!

Today we met a dear missionary friend from India for lunch. When Santosh Babu is in this area he stays with some other dear friends of ours - Don and Joan Hughes. Don and Joan were part of the core of the church that Kevin and I had pastored and they have remained a part of our lives and continue to be a blessing to us everytime we see them. We took Zach and Jord to lunch with us and they enjoyed talking to Santosh about life in India! Kevin spent 3 weeks in India back in 1994. Of course, he would love to go back and visit again someday - sounds like a father and son trip to me!!

Well, I need to start on dinner and work on some more laundry. My friend, Jamie and I are going over to the duplex that we own to clean one side tonight after the kids go to bed.

We have new tenants moving in this weekend.
Cleaning up your own mess is never fun and it's worse when it's someone else's mess! Oh the joy of being a property owner!



mhutsell said...

I am so sorry you lost your sitter, sweet Candice. Just when you find someone you trust and know you can leave your house joyfully when they are there...they go and grow up. We finally found a young lady whom could keep the boys OVERNIGHT for us so that we could get away and she heads off to college soon as well. Ahhh...such is life. Hope you find a good replacement soon...oh but what a pain to train a new girl! Glad you enjoyed your I am SO wanting Olive Garden salad. Sounds great. So good to know Santosh is still in your lives. Glad Z and J got to sit in. THanks for all your encouraging words on my site. Love, ~M.

Beck Family said...

Ah, now I'm jealous, I love the Olive Garden. The only time I get to go is with my Mom, Chris doesn't like italian unless it is pizza. Sounds like a nice visit with your friends. Amazing how we can have relationships all over the globe. That would be really awesome if Kevin and Zach went, memories of a lifetime. I love being a part of your everyday too, wish I had started blogging sooner.